Tell us how the situation in the world has affected your craftwork

The University of Eastern Finland, Taito Organization Finland, – Craft Online Association and the Craft Museum of Finland, in cooperation with the Finnish Heritage Agency’s Crafts Circle of Intangible Cultural Heritage, are collecting writings and photos of crafts related to the time of global political crisis. We ask you to share pictures and writings through this website in which they will be preserved for future generations.

How have the events of the war in Ukraine affected your craftwork?

The war in Ukraine has affected us in many ways. Craft enthusiasts and craftspeople have channeled their feelings and thoughts into their own work. Has the war brought changes to your craft making? We are collecting writings and pictures of all kinds of crafts (wood, metal, textile, etc. materials and techniques) that are in some way related to the war in Ukraine and the thoughts and feelings caused by the war.

In your writing, please tell us, what you have made and where you got the idea for your craft making. What feelings and thoughts caused by the war in Ukraine have you channeled into your crafts, making by hand.

Has making things by hand helped you somehow? Have you wanted to help others with crafts? What kinds of emotions have you gone through? Have you made a craft that reflects your mood or feelings during the war in Ukraine? Have you made crafts with which you want to convey sympathy or support to those suffering from war? What meanings do your handicrafts have for you at a time like this?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, feelings and crafts in writing. Feel free to also include a photo(s). Only send us material that you have the right and/or permission for.

This is how you write to us

You can fill out the form found on this page..

The first field is for your writing. You can attach photos and other possible material.

All writings and photos will be stored in the archives of Craft Museum of Finland for future generations and as material for researchers. Therefore, in addition to your name, you are asked to provide some basic information about yourself for the museum use only.

Personal data will only be used for the analysis of the research data (your writings, photos and other possible material you provided) and not revealed in the research publications. At the University of Eastern Finland, the researchers responsible for this research are Professor Sirpa Kokko and University Lecturer Tarja Kroger

You can decide yourself whether you want to give permission to publish the memories you send under your own name or under your pseudonym, or whether the material will only be stored in the museum’s archive. Material that has received permission for publication will be published on this website. The material may also be used and published in social media, publications, seminars and utilized in research. The information about the authors of the writings will not be disclosed further. You can read the writings we collected earlier here.

You can easily fill out and submit the form in one time. If you want to fill in only a part of the form first and come back later to complete your answers, the first step is to  create your login details here.

If you have already created your login credentials, you can log in to edit your post here.

Collection form of writings and pictures

Kriisiajan käsityökirjoitukset 2022 enkku
Your age
Maximum upload size: 10MB
You can send up to four image files. If you want to send more, send them by email to

Allowed file formats are jpg and png. Do not use special characters in the filename. Maximum filesize is 10 MB.
Basic information for a photo is the shooting time, place and photographer. You can also freely tell what is happening in the picture or what the picture shows. If you send more than one image, always specify the basic information based on the file name of the document.
Rules for using archive materials of the Craft Museum of Finland (pdf)

Contact us for more information

Curator Seija Hahl
p. 050 311 8886

Responsible researchers regarding the University of Eastern Finland:

Professor Sirpa Kokko

University Lecturer Tarja Kroger


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